+ Upgraded to Smarty 3.1.8

+ Upgraded Smarty to 3.1.4
+ Upgraded PHPExcel to 1.7.6
+ Upgraded phpMailer to 5.2.0
+ Added a CLI command to create autoload cache files from classes
+ Renamed existing autoload command to mvcAutoload
+ Updated all internal templates to use Smarty 3 syntax
+ Added partial support for constraints in db mapper
+ Added partial MySQL constraint supports to driver
+ Added support for an upload key to mvcFileObject allowing array
  indexes to be maintained during file uploads
+ Added ability to specify prefix/suffix to file uploads
+ Improved exceptions in mvcFileUpload
+ Added DateTime->format() to list of default method calls in the
+ Fixed bug in generatorDao
+ Fixed bugs in generator templates
+ Fixed several bugs in utilityFilterManager including treating all
  data as XML causing escaping / string breaking
+ Fixed doc / comments in utilityFilterManager
+ Fixed implementation of Serializable in systemDateTime
+ Fixed assorted docblocks that did not match method signatures

+ Upgraded Smarty to 3.0.8
+ Added additional toString() method in systemDateTime
+ Added DateInterval to seconds method to systemDateTime
+ Added errorHandler plugin for distributor, used to set custom
  errorController in MVC system
+ Added support for plain-text message body in transportCredentials
+ Updated utilityEncrypt::createKeyString to support character ignore
  list when building strings

+ Changed default DAO template to use systemDateTime objects for
  dates and timestamps
+ Changed default DAO template to use utilityValidator for object
+ Changed default DAO template to use validation rules array
+ Added report skeleton creation to generator and cli toolkit
+ Added isModified to systemDateTime for tracking changes
+ Added new DAO templates for building aggregate objects
+ Added additional methods to passwordHash
+ Separated header sending into separate method in mvcViewBase
+ Fixed bugs in docblock comments
+ Fixed bugs in controllerMap files not setting DTD correctly
+ Fixed bugs in DAO templates for code generation
+ Fixed bug in mvcViewBase not removing resources correctly
+ Fixed bug in mvcViewMeta redirect using wrong keyword
+ Fixed bug in cli password command, now creates portable hashes
+ Fixed bug in mvcAutoload preventing fallbacks in registered SPL
  autoload methods. This should fix errors in MVC where a class is
  used but is not defined and the system errors with a config error.

+ Upgraded Smarty to 3.0.7
+ Fixed a debug statement from CLI path setting left in by mistake
+ Removed calls to set_magic_quotes_runtime in PHPMailer

+ Added a shell script as a wrapper around scorpio.php
+ Added svn:executable properties
+ Added utilityEncrypt for basic encryption via Rijndael 256
+ Added phpDocumentor config file
+ Fixed bug in system to resolve missing _SERVER[PWD] value
+ Fixed bug in system to check for _SERVER[PWD]
+ Fixed bug in mvcDistributorBase using setModified by mistake
+ Fixed assorted bugs in reportData from older SQLite versions
+ Fixed line endings in tools script files
+ Fixed possible umask() issue in site builder when calling mkdir()
+ Fixed shebang line in loggingd to use /usr/bin/env php
+ Reduced mvcSiteBuilder default folders when not creating files
- Added and them removed shebang line from tool scripts

+ Upgraded to Smarty 3.0.5
+ Upgraded to FirePHP 0.4
+ Added file / directory count method to fileObject
+ Changed reportData to use SQLite as the data store; reduces memory
  requirements for report data collection
+ Updated reportColumn to add support for revised reportData
+ Updated reportBase and reportWriterBase to support reportData mods
+ Updated PDF output to use page-by-page disk writing; reduces memory
  usage by a very large amount
+ Updated Excel writers to use disk data caching to reduce memory
  usage, results vary depending on size but very large savings
+ Updated report test cases
+ Fixed a minor bug in utilityValidateAbstract

+ Updated Smarty, previous update had a broken $
+ Fixed bug in mvcControllerBase:setResponse
+ Fixed bug in staticView not catching exception for templates

+ Added test case for reportCollectionBase
+ Added new exception to mvcViewBase, now if a template is not
  located it throws an exception rather than return false and raising
  an internal warning message (exception caught by default
  mvcErrorController as internal server error)
+ Added mvcResponse to mvcControllerBase constructor but allow it to
  be null
+ Added mvcResponse to distributor and view and updated methods to
  inject response into controller objects
+ Upgraded to PHPExcel 1.7.4
+ Upgraded to Smarty 3.0.4/trunk
+ Split testSystemLocale into multiple methods
+ Fixed a bug in systemLocale not handling some cases of ENV locales
  from CLI apps (macOSX leaving a C/ prefix?)
+ Fixed testSystemLogSummary where test would fail if any errors
  existed in log files
+ Fixed error handling in MVC system, now if exception triggered
  ob_get_clean() is called to prevent view injection of error data

+ Added mvcViewMeta for adding meta tags to views programmatically
+ Added test cases for new classes
+ Fixed bugs in cliProcessInformation
+ Fixed bugs in systemLogSummary
+ Fixed bugs in reportDataSum, reportDataAverage & reportDataAbstract

0.4.0alpha1 (unreleased)
- Removed xaJax and javascript libraries
- Removed icons, flags and loader graphics
- Removed download, static & captcha controllers from /websites/base
+ Added support for output functions in report system
+ Added cliProcessInformation for getting daemon information
+ Added systemReporterInterface
+ Added systemLogSummary for compiling log summaries
+ Added systemCommandReporter for running reporter objects
+ Updated default controllerMap.xml in base site
+ Updated scorpio.php tool with reporter command
+ Updated transportEmail with better HTML -> Text conversion
+ Fixed bugs in cliProcessControls
+ Fixed bugs in cacheWriterFile
+ Fixed bugs in mvcSessionBase
+ Fixed bugs in reportBase

+ Fixed bugs in mvcCaptchaController and mvcStaticController

+ Upgraded Smarty to 3.0 RC3
+ Upgraded test suite to use PHPUnit
+ Updated Text_Diff removing PHP4 syntax from files
+ Updated default report output to XLSX
+ Added new logging config var to prevent extended variable data
+ Added additional options for setting cacheController permissions
+ Added additional error level translations in systemLog
+ Fixed bug in reportWriterXml not handling numeric elements
+ Fixed bug in addReport not setting report name
+ Fixed bug where reports array not being initialised
+ Fixed usage of eregi in WURFL layer
- Removed SimpleTest
! Warning: with this release SimpleTest has been removed and all
  Unit Tests will need migrating to PHPUnit. PHPUnit is NOT included
  with Scorpio - you will need to install it separately. Bundled
  tests can be run within Zend Studio for Eclipse or from the CLI.

+ Upgraded Smarty to latest trunk (as of 2010-06-06)
+ Updated many docblock comments to include examples and links
+ Updated reportWriters to support aggregate reports (not CSV / XML)
+ Updated getTemplateFile to log if file not found
+ Updated systemLog to be more intelligent with PHP errors
+ Updated mvcAutoload to cache the entire controllerMap on first
+ Added reportCollectionBase for creating aggregate reports
+ Added port validation to validate uri, updated test case
+ Added ability to add custom transport to transportManager
+ Added a resolved class cache to systemAutoload to reduce look-ups
  against the file system (always enabled).
+ Added mvcResponse - not currently in use - for future versions
+ Fixed bugs in generatorDao component not handling some situations
+ Fixed bug in command generate dao, not lowercasing autoload cache
+ Fixed docblock comments
+ Fixed bug in mvcViewBase where resources could be accessed without
  them being initialised.
+ Fixed defaultFieldValue template putting quotes around date()
! Warning: with this release config files will now default to the
  /data/config folder. This frees up libraries to now be included
  as an svn:external. /libraries/config.xml will still be read if
  config.xml is not located in /data/config. (Development)
+ Upgraded Smarty to a trunk revision that fixes the Scaffold bugs
+ Added mvcResponse
+ Added mvcViewResource, Css and Javascript for handling additional
  resources in templates
+ Added systemPackager for creating bootstrap single include files
+ Added serializable to systemDateTime
+ Added toString and __toString to utilityOutputWrapper
+ Fixed login->useCaptcha param location in mvcSiteConfig
+ Fixed systemAutoload docblock comment
+ Updated system::init() to accept an array of options
+ Updated copyright notices and svn:keywords
- Renamed mvc/session.class.php to mvc/session/base.class.php
- Removed require_once lines from Text_Diff package
+ Added mvcSiteBuilder test case
+ All but 1 test case is now passing under PHP5.2.11 - exception is
  with testScaffold, Smarty 3 does not appear to support variable
  method calls.
+ Upgraded Smarty to 3.0rc1
+ Fixed bugs in several test cases arising from changes in Smarty 3
+ Fixed unzip bug in WURFL download command
+ Added the facility to set the base path in system::init() calls
+ Added explicit setting of libraries folder during system::init()
! Additional note: there are a variety of issues with PHP5.3+ and
  the current test suite implementation. Test cases may fail with
  errors under PHP5.3+. The test system is being migrated to PHPUnit
  and SimpleTest will be removed in the next major release.

0.3.0 - Final
+ Final release of 0.3
- No additional changes since RC1

0.3.0rc1 - UNSTABLE
+ Upgraded to Smarty 3 beta 8
+ Updated internal Smarty APIs to use Smarty 3b8 methods and API
+ Updated report XLS writer to use PHPExcel
+ Updated templates/builders to remove constructor from view classes
  and use setupInitialVars
+ Added PHPExcel (minus PDF support)
+ Added XLSX report writer
+ Added a strip_tags and line break additions to the email transport
  so that a text body is included
+ Added check for switch to logToConsole so it can be used standalone
  outside of cliApplication more easily
+ Added isAjaxRequest() to mvcRequest
+ Added svn:keywords to smarty plugins
+ Added distributor plugin: translate for setting up translation
  system globally at dispatch
+ Added translate to mvc_autoload
+ Added MarkForDeletion property to default template for use in sets
+ Added mvcSiteBuilder for building the basic site components instead
  of being in mvcSiteTools
+ Fixed various docblock return and throws comments
+ Fixed bug in default DAO template
+ Fixed bug in defaultFieldValue template
+ Fixed bug in mvcControllerBase::getControllerLevel() and
  ::getSubControllers() - now checks for controllermap object first
+ Fixed bug in cliProcessControls: not logging passed PID file
  location on setPidFile
+ Fixed bug in debug template where filesource was not checking for a
  file in the exception information
+ Fixed bug in mvcSiteBuilder: default config was using iL8n not i18n
  (i ONE 8 n) (oops!)
+ Fixed a bug in default DAO template not assigning correct value in
  generated check methods
+ Fixed incorrect docblock markup in mvcView
+ Changed mvcErrorView constructor to accept mvcErrorInterface
+ Changed mvcErrorInterface to include getException
+ Changed the file creation behaviour to now use the entire component
  name for the path
- Removed Spreadsheet_Excel Writer
- Removed PEAR classes
- Removed OLE classes
- Removed redundant method generateClassName, not used anywhere

0.3.0beta6 - UNSTABLE
+ Upgraded to Smarty 3 beta 7
+ Changed code generators to use single brace instead of double
+ Updated WURFL capabilities descriptions file
+ Moved DateTime classes into sub-folders
+ Moved Smarty plugins into /system/smarty/plugins
+ Moved systemSmartyBase into /system/smarty folder
+ Added test case for mvcSiteTools
+ Added calendar to date time objects
+ Added full PHP open tag to Exifer files
+ Added DateTime object support to date/time validators
+ Added systemEventDispatcher / systemEvent (based on sfEvent and
  sfEventDispatcher from Symfony Components)
+ Added ability to set a custom mvcErrorController implementation
+ Fixed bugs in mvcSiteTools
+ Fixed templates to work with Smarty 3
+ Fixed bugs in Smarty plugins causing errors in PHP 5.3.0
+ Fixed bug in MySQL driver with PHP 5.3.0 and mysqlnd
+ Fixed bugs in cliCommand referencing application without checking it
+ Fixed bug in mvcControllerAction and ambiguous return state
+ Fixed bugs in systemSmartyBase introduced with Smarty 3 upgrade
+ Fixed Twig view adaptor to work with Twig 0.9.4+
+ Fixed several issues in the CLI layer not fetching group/user info
+ Fixed test case inconsistencies between Windows and Linux
+ Fixed a skip bug in the transportManager test case
- Removed Smarty 2.6 files

0.3.0beta5 - UNSTABLE
+ Updated default DAO template to named fields instead of SELECT *
+ Updated mvcSiteTools default config with additional notes
+ Updated doc block comments
+ Changed home controller to use caching around view
+ Added .fragment as an ouput type to mvcRequest
+ Added additional notes to the base/index.php file

0.3.0beta4 - UNSTABLE
+ Fixed a bug introduced with the new systemLog parameter
+ Added test cases for auth components
+ Added several tests for ftpClient
+ Fixed bugs in several test cases
- Disabled several email validation tests as they are not reliable.

0.3.0beta3 - UNSTABLE
+ Fixed bugs in mvcView test case
+ Bug fixes to cliRequest, wurflResultSet, transportAgentEmail
+ Updated cliDaemon to use config temp folder
+ Fixed possible recursive issue with DB log writer
+ Added an additional toggle to systemLog for controlling extra data
  being logged from exceptions.
+ Assorted PHP strict/standards warnings fixed

0.3.0beta2 - UNSTABLE
- Removed baseAdminSite templates
+ Updated mvc DAO templates to not rely on baseAdminSite
+ Fixed bugs in mvc cache clearer command
+ Fixed several compliance warnings in Scorpio files

0.3.0beta1 - UNSTABLE
This is the first beta from the 0.3 branch. This includes all updates
to date and includes additional test cases and several bug fixes.
The final release will include Smarty3, once that project has reached
a stable release version.

+ Upgraded phpMailer to 5.1
+ Renamed some wurfl classes for a little more consistency
+ Added OpenDocument Spreadsheet support
- Removed redundant generator template

0.3.0alpha3 - UNSTABLE
Added the start of a validation system. Still some work to do
particularly on the date handling. This needs to be able to check the
format and if the date is a valid date. Currently that only happens
on MySQL date formatted dates (CCYY-MM-DD). Other components still to
add include time, datetime, uri, email address etc.

0.3.0alpha2 - UNSTABLE
Alpha2 sees the existing testcases updated to reflect the changes in
various components. Also in this update fPDF,
Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer and OLE packages have been added for a new
reporting infrastructure. The reporting system, is a generic system
that can build report data and output it into a variety of formats.

In the mvc system, view helpers have been added to mvcView. They are
based on the Zend Framework view helper system however there is one
main caveat for usage: they do not work with the utilityOutputWrapper
unless pre-authorised.

0.3.0alpha1 - UNSTABLE
0.3.0 represents another large scale development. This release is the
first to address issues with mvcRequest and require that it be
injected into controllers. mvcAutoload has been refactored to require
an initialisation phase - it is still heavily dependent on the
distributor at this point.

distributorDispatcher from base site has been removed and re-written
into mvcDistributor. The xajax support has been removed - an
additional distributor / controller pair will be developed to handle
the old xajax methods. From 0.3.0 the preferred method for ajax is to
use the standard framework controls and return actions as.xml etc.
rather than rely on xajax handling.

baseAdminSite is removed along with support libraries, themes and

The concept of 'plugins' is removed. The scorpio CLI tool has been
updated to only require a site. Building a new site now creates all
the necessary folders immediately along with a default config,
controllerMap and site inheritance.

systemAutoload has been updated to use an internal array instead of
baseSet which should improve speeds. Work continues to make this
library essentially standalone.

Most database specific objects (in particular system level objects)
have been removed. They will be re-packaged for the baseAdminSite
and this will be an add-on component.
+ Updated mvcViewBase to auto-assign the theme vars if set

+ Updated Postgres driver to allow DB listings
+ Added mvcErrorController for better error handling
+ Added Smarty source code highlighting plugin
+ Added revised templates for the error controller
+ Increased debugging usefulness when unhandled exceptions are
  caught in the mvcDistributor
+ Bumped version number to 0.2.6
- Removed previous error templates, redirect remains.

+ Bug fixes to mvcDistributorBase and mvcViewBase

+ Upgraded to Smarty 2.6.26
+ Bug fixes to baseTableParamSet, dbMapperIndexSet and wurfl download
+ Fixed bug in cliApplicationListenerTimer

+ Upgraded to Smarty 2.6.25
+ Upgraded to TinyMCE 3.2.5
+ Upgraded to FirePHP 0.3.0
+ Added additional listeners to cliApplication, memUsage and Timer
+ Added more cliApplicationEvents
+ Added a command path to cliApplication for additional commands
+ Added ftpClient, conversion of PEAR Net::FTP to PHP5 classes
+ Updated WURFL download location and updated download command
+ Updated README and LICENSE file
+ Updated mvcDaoController to allow for TinyMCE instances
+ Many updates to docblock comments
+ Bug fixes to mvcDaoControllers allowing links into edit pages
- Removed requirement for a master config.xml file

+ Fixed bug in mvcSession::regenerateSessionID() not assign new ID
+ Fixed bug in systemCurrency::formatValue()
+ Fixed bug in admin login redirect system 
+ Added curl error number and string to exception information
+ Added escape method to generic PHP template engine
+ Upgraded Smarty to 2.6.24
+ Upgraded TinyMCE to
+ Corrected several docblock comments

+ Fixed bug in utilityStringFunction::trim()
+ Fixed minor bug in mvcDistributorPluginLog not resetting writers
+ Fixed minor formatting bug in systemLogWriterFile 
+ Fixed bugs and inaccuracies in docblock comments
+ Added two new distributor plugins: DispatchTimer and AuditLog
+ Added additional tests for utilityStringFunction::trim()
+ Performance tuning to wurflDeviceCapabilities::load() method
+ Updated sample config file with overrides and additional options
+ Updated .htaccess file to block access to ini,xml,tpl,inc files 
- Removed redundant MVC constants 

+ Added new cliApplication framework
+ Added testSuite extension to replace the older MyUnitTestCase
+ Added new scorpio CLI tool
+ Added templates data folder for CLI tool custom templates
+ Added additional config params for generator class
- Removed old CLI classes
- Removed simple_autoload; replaced by test_autoload
- Moved generator templates to generator library folder
+ Added extract cli command
+ Added system commands for extraction and i18n extraction
+ Added svn:keywords Rev to data, libraries, daemons
+ Updated @versions to use $Rev: 850 $
+ Added translation term extractor
+ Added smarty prefilter adaptor for translation system
+ Updated mvcViewBase and mvcViewGeneric to use controller request
+ Updated smarty functions to use request from assigned template_vars
+ Updated mvcSiteConfig to fetch site from server name property
+ Updated distritbutorbase to assign server name to mvcSiteConfig
- Removed mvcRequest::getInstance() calls where possible
+ Fixed double assignment in xajax
+ Fixed potential security hole in baseAdminSite
+ Added testSuite controller for running test cases in a browser
+ Added testSuiteHtmlReporter - custom reporter for Scorpio
+ Upgraded xajax to 0.5 Final and patched require/incude bugs
+ Upgraded TinyMCE to
+ Added dtds for config, scorpioPlugin and controllerMap files
- Removed including of DROP DATABASE in init scripts
+ Many, many more tweaks, bug fixes unit tests.

+ Upgraded Smarty to 2.6.22
+ Added systemLocale
+ Added translate
+ Added dedicated redirect() to mvcControllerBase
+ Added more test cases including generator
+ Added scriptaculous plugin: resizeable; livepipe uses it
+ Added a basic Postgres driver to the db layer (beta1, no utilities)
+ Added getArrayValue to utilityOutputWrapper
+ Added mvcFileUpload for handling file uploads
+ Updated admin code to use mvcFileUpload
+ Updated paths in /base where some files not in the expected place
+ Updated dbUpdateManager to be a singleton
+ Made systemAutoload a full singleton, no longer stored in registry
+ Made systemLocale a pre-loaded class
+ Renamed fileObject and cliArguments files to reflect class names
+ Minor micro-optimisations in some loops
+ Fixed bug in systemLogWriterCli
+ Fixed some minor bugs in loginController on baseAdminSite

+ Upgraded Smarty to 2.6.21
+ Upgraded xajax to 0.5RC2
+ Upgraded TinyMCE to
+ Upgraded FirePHP to 0.2.1
+ Upgraded Prototype to
+ Upgraded Scriptaculous to 1.8.2
+ Upgraded PHPMailer to 2.2.1
+ Moved Smarty plugins to dedicated folder
+ Moved test cases into data folder and out of websites
+ Added WURFL capabilities descriptions CSV to data
+ Added mvcAutoloadCache
+ Added additional MVC config params for better control of the MVC
+ Added complete SQLite driver to db layer
+ Added FirePHP logging to systemLog
+ Added Console_Color
+ Added SSL detection to mvcRequest
+ Added various test cases
+ Updated cliArguments for more flexibility
+ Updated mvcGenerator to be able to add sites and components
+ Updated posix / pcntl patches to only be included under CLI and
+ Updated autoload cache to use lowercase cache names
+ Updated mvcDistributor to fix various bugs with loading files
+ Fixed various bugs in base libraries as a result of test cases
+ Improved performance of WURFL device layer
+ Improved performance of MVC layer
+ Improved error logging under development mode

Updated almost all class docs and re-generated the API docs from them
API docs are available at:
+ Added version constant to system class
+ Renamed "plugins" to classes and added additional method to config.
+ Fixed bugs in scaffold where properties would be used that had no
  accessor methods; now they are ignored.
+ Upgraded xajax to 0.5RC1
+ Upgraded TinyMCE to 3.2.0
+ Upgraded Smarty to 2.6.20
+ Upgraded SimpleTest to 1.0.1
+ Fixed issue where it was not possible to fetch a template var in 
- Deprecated "getPathPlugins" for getPathClasses

Changed all @package tags to scorpio, updated @subpackage to reflect
changes in package names.
+ Added config vars to control registering error/exception handlers

0.1 beta 4
Fourth release of the basic framework including:
+ Addition of Plugin Builder to help create config files for plugins
+ Updates to generator templates to include lists by default
+ Bug fixes to help editor
+ First SQL patch file for updates introduced with Plugin Builder
- Removed icons & images that are not part of the base system

0.1 beta 3
The third beta release of the basic framework
+ Added method to mvcViewBase to replicate Smarty plugin includeView
+ Added pcntl and posix "patch" files so CLI will work on WINNT
+ Added "lightbox" for some visual effects
+ Several bug fixes and minor updates
- Renamed central config.xml file to sample.config.xml

0.1 beta 2
Second beta release of basic framework
+ Added engine layer and interface to move Smarty further back
+ Expanded capabilitis of mvcControllerAction
+ Moved generator & mvcGenerator templates to the tools folder
+ Bug fixes to path building in generator
+ .tar.gz and .zip files available

0.1 beta
Initial Release

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